Working with independently-minded brands with a story to tell




A brands interior is a space in which should reflect your values and the story of the brand. I work closely with clients to create holistic interiors that are built to last in a sustainable way. Beginning with getting to know your position in the market, I will create a strategic concept that is going to be your bible for your brand, a way forward. From there I will create layout plans that focus on customer flow based on their needs and wants. 

Full interior packs will include visuals to give you an idea of the finished space all the way to technical build details. I will be on hand to guide you through the process.

⏐ Concept strategy and brand positioning

⏐ 3D Visuals and sketches

⏐ Space and layout planning

⏐ Technical drawing packs

⏐ Design management


Telling a story with your brand is key to creating connections with customers that goes beyond your interior. Customers love to engage with brands in environments that are outside of the typical four walls.

I can help you to create timely executions that are part of a campaign you may have or seasonal concepts.

⏐ Window concepts

⏐ Pop-up shops

⏐ In-store events

⏐ Brand events and activations


Your brands interior is one where your customers really get to know you and experience what you stand for. It's a space that should reflect your story and what you want to say to your customers.

I can work with you to update your space with an injection of new materials and furniture to suit your budget. A refresh of colour can make a big difference, the right furniture can breathe new life into a tired space. 

⏐ Sourcing furniture

⏐ Creating bespoke furniture

⏐ Colour consultations

⏐ Space planning

Lighting plans and fixture sourcing

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