Working collaboratively, we can help to create an interior design scheme that speaks to your story. We offer bespoke packages for individuals and small businesses across Manchester, Cheshire and Staffordshire.



We Are Nomads offer interior design services to help you create the home you long for. We believe it's important to feel like your home is a space where you feel most comfortable and it should be an expression of yourself, we focus on creating homes that are filled with love and tell a story. 

Working collaboratively, we can help cut through the many options and find solutions that fit your schedule and budget to create a home full of soulful moments and joy.

  • Layout planning and advice
  • Furniture and materials sourcing
  • Colour consultations
  • Technical drawing packs
  • Design management


Telling a story about your brand is key to creating connections with customers beyond your interior. Customers love to engage with brands in environments that are outside of the typical four walls.

We will create a strategic concept pack that is going to be your bible for your brand, a way forward. From there we will create layout plans that focus on customer flow based on their needs and wants. 

We can help you to create timely executions that are part of a campaign you may have or seasonal concepts.

  • Concept strategy and brand positioning
  • Space and layout planning
  • Technical drawing packs
  • Design management


The first question holidaymakers are asked when searching for a holiday stay is “Where are you going?” Guests seek homes and hotels that have personality and an authentic connection to the local area, that’s why it’s important to create a space that is considered and well-designed.

It’s important to create an interior that is a destination, a unique stay your guests will want to shout about. As an interior designer, experienced traveller and former Home Critic for Plum Guide, I am perfectly placed to help you create a unique and homely space. I know what guests are looking for and what makes the grade, I can help you with decor, and sourcing new fixtures and fittings for that special touch.

  • Layout planning
  • Furniture and Decor
  • Interior photography

We offer multiple packages to suit you:


• 2-hour consultations at your space locally or remotely via Zoom

• One-day consultation on-site to help you make decisions quickly

• Buy flexible blocks of 21 hours to use as and when you need them

• Bespoke full interior design from beginning to end of your project


Book a free 30-minute call to talk through your project here.

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